Tuesday, April 03, 2007

CHI Chongqing March 2007 group

On Saturday, we left Hong Kong and arrived in Chongqing.
On Sunday, the other 6 families went to their orphanages to get their kiddos.
Here is a photo of the CHI Chongqing March 2007 group.

Just a few things before I forget- At the Sheraton in Hong Kong, Mei Li and I went into the restroom. They had what looked like a urinal, we turned around to be sure we were in the right restroom and we were.
Hmmm, she asked me “mommy, why dere’s dat thing on the wall?” I told her I have no clue. She said, “maybe it’s for girls to stand up and pee, or for girls with peanuts”.
I’m still wondering.

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