Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Adoption Registration

Our CHI group had our babies already so we went to the Civil Affairs office. There were several other kiddos- some in yellow and some in blue outfits.
They were in a room with glass doors with the orphanage officials.
WI asked who the ones in the walkers (bumper cars) were and the guide said they were from Xiu Shan. Iasked if I could go in there to take photos and they said yes. They were getting adopted today too! There are some characters in those groups- one little one inn blue came up behind me full force and rammed me- then cracked up!
If anyone who was adopting that day wants to see the photos- I'll be glad to send them to you once we get back to the US. They must be in the October DTC group.
One Ayi was on the couch with 6 or so kiddos! If she can do it, I can take care of 2. Then as we were going to the elevators, we saw a big group of families come out of th eelevators- I asked if their kiddos were from Xiu Shan and they said, no, Liangping1
WHOOT! they were the other 6 families with another agency who had kiddos from Liangping! So, there must have been 2 groups of kiddos in there. We hollered that we were the other 2 Liangping families! so we were all there at one moment, if briefly- there was no stpooing them as they ran to get their kiddos.

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