Monday, December 24, 2007

2007 Girls' trip to Luckenbach

Mei Li and Ying Li Center Stage!
Around this time of year, it just feels like we need to get out and go to Luckenbach, Texas. Mei Li wanted to pack up a suitcase (like daddy) and go on a trip (like daddy)... so we did!

They had lots of fun. We stayed at the Full Moon Inn in the Peach room. The manager Matthew makes wonderful pancakes and scrambled eggs and special hot chocolate for Mei Li.
We walked down to the creek and managed to touch the water without falling in. Ying Li loved checking out nature- by eating rocks, twigs and a leaf or two.
The girls bellied up to the bar and had a "root" beer with mom and some locals.

They danced on the outdoor stage, chased a few roosters and chickens- it was great! I marveled that just 7 months ago, Ying Li was in Liangping, China where her life was quite different.
I feel so lucky to have this opportunity to let them explore new things. I love this photo of Mei Li on the bridge.

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