Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Niu Year!!!!!!!

We welcomed in the Year of the Ox (Niu in Chinese) with a big celebration. Austin Families With Children From China held our annual event. Last year I was Co-VP of Social Events and this year I have been VP of Social Events.....meaning I have been planning this event for about 6 months. We made lots of changes to try to meet the needs of the FCC community. We had a program with performers; dances, Chinese Yoyo, Kung fu, Tai Chi, guzheng and the Lion Dancers. We had artists and vendors selling their Asian themed products and had a silent auction that raised money for our charities that we send to support orphaned children in China.
We had several kinds of food that I did not get to eat. University students did face painting and calligraphy and we had arts and crafts for the kids. All in all it went well as many people said it was the best event ever.
So if THIS is the year of the ox and it is a year of hard work and determination, then I wish all the best to the new board because there Will be lots of work to do.
Here is Mei Li in the center in purple- not many other photos as I was busy and Jann was dealing with Ying Li. Mei Li was a trooper! I am so proud of her independence and confidence. She performed in dance and hung around back stage as I ran around all over the place tying up loose ends. Then when I told Kung Fu they were up next, I freaked because Mei Li was supposed to perform with them............where was she?
So I ran around the place and into the audience and found her and as I looked up, I saw Kung Fu members walking on to the stage........I ran with her to the side and told her to run up on stage and she did just in time to be in the perfect order and then she just joined the group.........not in her work out clothes, but in her dress! because I forgot to change her!
Everyone said how cute she was doing her form by herself up on stage in her dress no less! I can't wait to see the video becasue I missed her form.
Mei Li, Ying Li and I went out to dinner at a restaurant to celebrate tonight. The photo below pretty much sums up their personalities perfectly.
I also did a presentation on Chinese New Year for Mei Li's school today and will post photos when they send them to me.

Merry Christmas 2009

Well, lots of photos to chose from, surprisingly I think we may have captured one with all the little grand kids together and with their eyes open.
It was totally fun and totally chaotic, and typical Thomas style.

Here is at our house Christmas morning

And here is Grandma and Pa Pa at our house for Christmas day.