Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ready for a real vacation

This is the "confession booth" where the Survivor contestants were filmed talking to the camera.

Had to do a handstand- thanks Jann for catching it before I fell over.

This is the back side of Survivor Island
Here is Jann in the morning watching for the big fish who come in to eat the little ones.

Do we look happy or what?
Jann paddled out to a coral reef that stretched from the land to the outer reef where that big boat is.

Here is a happy Jann. He is in one of his favorite places...Air New Zealand business Lounge!

And after a few thousand hours and a few time zone changes, we arrived in paradise.

The photos below were taken right before we left for the Cook's Islands.
Jon's daughter Taylor got to visit before Thomas and Anders went back to Denmark. Anders has obviously relaxed himself into a coma. The girls miss their brothers.After packing up a suitcase for the girls' big trip to "Camp Greenhill", we got in the car and drove up to Aunt Jody and Uncle David's in Burleson. This would be their first time away from home especially for so long. But we knew Aunt Jody would keep them busy! Thank God for Aunt Jody!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Summer was fantastic. The Brooke Clan came over and swam with us.
Here's fearless Quinn. Here's Ryleigh the dolphin!
Here's Hannah wo-manning the patrol boat.
Great shot of Brogan (Ying's new love of her life)
Anders was a fantastic and accomodating big brother.

Can "do" no wrong with panty-hose- hair!!!!!!!!!
Pierce and Brogan, happy little boys- Thanks to Holly and Richard!!!!!!
Corin in the "center of attention"

2008 Summer was great, Anders was here for several weeks and Thomas arrived for a few weeks.