Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ying Li closing in on Mei Li

Well, no photo for this but I weighed and measured the girls this morning. Trying to get info for Ying Li's 6 mos post placement report- (3 months late- but hey, the 3 month report was also 3 months late)
Ying Li weighed 30.5 lbs and Mei Li weighed the same!
I had Mei Li come back and try again and she weighed 31 lbs.
Ying Li is getting taller- 32 inches and Mei Li is now 39 inches.
Just a few more and she can "ride a ride" at Sea World.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Mr. Mom

I had laproscopic supracervical hysterectomy and Jann had to play Mr. Mom. I don't have many photos but lots of memories.
The MD gave me photos of what my uterus looked like, what the fibroids looked like and all the endometriosis and adhesions.
No wonder I had felt so bad for so long. It was cool to see my insides and they said my liver looked great hahahah!
Recovery time was at least 2 weeks and I have to be careful about weight bearing and lifting so I couldn't pick up the girls and that was the hardest part.
Here Mei Li & Ying Li are watching the protable DVD player- a life saver!
Dad had to give the girls a bath- yep, it involves removing a diaper.

Ying Li decided to walk in Daddy's shoes! she can almost fill them. I have a photo of Mei Li around the same age trying the same thing.

Daddy did a great job of taking care of all of us.

Eating Chocolate in secret & Gifts from Far Mor in Denmark!

Well, prior to opening the gift box, Mei Li & her accomplice Ying Li had been very know the sound.
But I tried to believe that they were just being good...
Later I was under Mei Li's low loft bed trying to put Hannah Montanna back on her stage for a performance when I smelled something...chocolate?
I mentioned it to Mei Li and she said "oh" then I noticed a vanilla candle in one of the bins and said outloud that it must have been where the smell came from...then I followed my nose to under a bench under the loft and there it was!!!!!! the evidence!!!!
The 2 kids had pushed a chair to the counter, found the 2 huge dark and milk chocolate bars form the gift exchange food basket and took them under the loft to consume the entire milk chocolate bar before starting in on the dark chocolate!
Can you imagine how much fun they had! Now I understood why Mei Li got yelled at more often that day- she was high on chocolate!

Daddy took a VERY LONG TIME trying to free the puppy dog from its twist tie and plastic secured prison. But he did it without losing any blood- he did lose his temper though hehehhe.

Far Mor sent a package from Denmark. The girls were thrilled that Christmas lasted for what seemed like forever since the package got held up in transit so we got it after Christmas.

Far Mor did a great job selecting the presents. I couldn't think of a better gift for Mei Li thatn her own roll on Tinkerbell suitcase.

She has gone on many pretend vacations and business trips with it.

Ying Li tore into the wrapping and got her doll right away.

Gifts from The Weiss Family!

We were sooo happy when Mei Li saw the package on our front porch! It was offically Christmas now!!!

The Weiss Family had sent the girls a Christmas box with presents in it!!!

They are so considerate and their timing is super.

I didn't get the camera out fast enough as Mei Li had already gotten the package open with her safety scissors.

They both danced around and acted goofy with their soft stuffed animals.

I had to tell them to be still to get a decent photo. And of course Ying Li tried to eat the tag.

Santa does a "drive by"/ Ying Li's 1st Christmas

This year Mei Li was a bit afraid Christmas night. She told us she didn't want Santa to come "inside" our house. She was having trouble thinking how he could get in and just couldn't imagine it.
After getting out of her bed 3 times and crying, Jann had to get the phone and call Santa's Administrative assistant to ask her to tell Santa to do a "drive by". Well, that was perfect and Mei Li calmed down and went to sleep.

Now Ying Li- we had to wake her up- well, I've always been the one to get up first and go wake everyone else up!
After some present opening demonstrations by Mei Li, Ying Li quickly got the hang of it.