Friday, September 07, 2007

Summer in Texas

Mei Li is dressed in her Libbi Lu (sp) hair and ballet and has her microphone singing to entertain Ying Li. Ying Li has left the building. But Ying Li, I bend over backwards for you!
Lilli and Mei Li, Ying Li and Audrey taking it easy in the backyard. Those girls are tan! It never stops to amaze me when I see photos like this. These girls have gone from such a different life to the one they have now- all because of love.
Check out that puss on ying Li!
Mei Li came with me to get my hair highlighted and she kept asking Tu the hairdresser if she could have a foil- she wanted to hold one. Well, Tu asked me if it was ok and I said sure so she started to part her hair and poof! Mei Li now has highlights. I told her she looked like a Japanese Anime (sp) and she loudly told me, "No, I'm Chinese!"

Anders and Thomas in Texas

Anders came from Denmark and got to meet Ying Li for the first time. He was always so god with Mei Li, I couldn't wait to see him with Ying Li. He cracked us up with his Mojito wig. The cats mad themselves comfortable on him.
He probably has never lifted so much weight.
Obviously, they got along marvelously.
There is nothing like Family! We all went over to grandma and papa Thomas' house. It is amazing how big Thomas and Anders have grown. This is the first time Ying Li met Thomas (big dude).
OK, we had to put that hat on her. Next time she'll get a photo on the longhorn.