Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Two Families- one heart!

Randy, Lyndea and Ruby Shear with Cheryl, Jann, Mei Li & Ying Li Bonfils-Rasmussen
Dad and Mei Li relaxing
Mom and Mei Li and Ying Li at breakfast
Silly Zach Jensen!
Sillier Abby Jensen

More Summer Photos

Ruby and Mei Li- who would have thought 2 little babies from Jiangxi China would be having care free fun in the backyard pool in Texas!
Ying Li clapping for More- it was betther than screaming- then we taughter her to say More which was even better.
Randy and Ruby!
Ok, the wine is not hers!
Randy- boat master!

Summer 2007 When you see a child open up!

April, May and June were months of adjustment. Ying Li learned that we'd always be there for her. She did not need to scream and jump up and down to get our attention. At times, we'd be holding her and she'd be convinced that she had to holler and "pitch a fit" to get our attention. She is a very perceptive person who can imitate the expressions and emotions of those around her. She demands lots of attention and will eat anything you put in front of her. Thus, we have taught her to say "More". She makes the silliest face when she says it. I guess we look rather funny teaching it io her.
The pool has been a God-send.
Mei Li's China Sister; Ruby came down with her parents Randy & Lyndea.