Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer time with the Family

Nothing is like Grandma's love!

Aunt Jody got Jake giggling so cute!

Ying Li is the newest family member and it looks like she is destined for greatness!!!
(sorry, we couldn't help it)

Here are Hannah, Corin,CJ, Joseph and Mei Li-the 2nd level of Thomas Grandchildren; the first level was Chase, Samantha and Sarah, and the third level is Mia, Ying Li and Jake

When My family gets together, all things are possible.
My brother Joe and his wife April came with their 3 kids; Joseph, Mia and new baby Jake to Texas to visit with my parents and the rest of the clan.
My sister Jody and her husband David came with their 2 daughters Corin and Hannah, Chase could not make it this trip.
My sister Sandra brought CJ and Sarah with her as Samantha stayed at home.
Here are some summer photos
Jake looks amazed at Aunt Sandra's boobs!

Reminds me of a Simon & Garfunkle song- "beat your children well....."

Uncle Joe's delts are as big as his head