Saturday, May 05, 2007

Good bye White Swan Hotel. A few airports later- we were home! We went from Guangzhou to Hong Kong then HK to San Fran then to Austin.
Mei Li was a great traveler. Ying Li was better than we could have imagined. Jann had her in the carrier most of the time so whe'd sleep and keep the business class people happy.
The look on Mei Li's face is after she woke up- 7 hours into the trip with 7 more to go!

Oh, I was so happy to go to HK and relax a bit before going on the long flight. All I wanted was a salad at the Excelsior hotel.
When we got to Hong Kong, Jann met with a guy he does business with.
Imagine what it was like when Jann called to say he had invited us to dinner- CHINESE food!!!!!!!!!!no way!!!!!!!!!!
OK, it happened to be Excellent.


I just love these outfits on the girls- they are both size 8...:}

Guangzhou photos

In Guangzhou we were kind of tired of taking photos, but here is a group of people singing together. I heard kids singing so I raised the camera up and took this photo through a window.
Mei Li, Ying Li and me with the sculpture of changing Chinese women.

I have always thought it was not coincidence that this sculpture of the big woman was just outside Lucy's restaurant (for those who do not know, it sells regular "American type food".)

Hot Pot- great for kids

Well, we all went to a restaurant for hot pot- it is a specialty of Chongqing.
Small room, 8 families, 8 kiddos, boiling water, raw meat- hey! what else could you ask for?
It was actually fun.
Since it was Ying Li's 1st birthday, they bought a big cake. It had all the kiddos' names on it because several kiddos had b-days around the same time.

OK, now add fire and smoke to the party.

Chongqing sightseeing

Well, Jann found his TV watching buddy! Mei Li has been so helpful. Here is a photo we saw lots of- Jann holding Ying Li sleeping on the bus.

We went to an Old Town and walked around- this was place where you followed a path with your eyes closed and tried to touch the Dragon's tongue.

I followed the raised path by placing my foot halfway on the edge so I could feel where it turned- we did it perfectly! (my brother Joe would be proud)
You can be glad there is no "smell-o-blog" since there were strange mixtures of scents along the way. (never SAW a horse, but...)