Wednesday, January 31, 2007

R&R in Mexico- Come on Referrals

This is my friend Michele with Mei Li in the garden of her vacation home-"Las Hamacas" in Akumal Mexico!

Well, Mei Li and I had the opportunity of a lifetime to go to a house on the beach in Akumal Mexico.

What a better way to spend one of the most stressful weeks?

Of course, she had a BLAST and after all that digging and dancing, she totally relaxed.
Mei Li got to see her first sand, beach, waves, and has dug in the sand for several days- each revealing something more interesting.
Every piece has beauty I discovered.
Every piece of coral can be magical- one became lip liner! another piece became a blackberry! as she used a stick of coral to tap in a message to the CCAA!:}

Thursday, January 04, 2007

What a girl wants

Santa treated Mei Li very well this Christmas. Since she told everybody that she wanted "dress ups", she got more than 12 pairs of high heel shoes!

Jann's son Anders was in town from Denmark. In Denmark they have a typical meal that consists of lots of roast duck and pork roast wrapped in a layer of rind and fat. Those who know me will understand why we did not have that for dinner. In Denmark they celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. Since it was not raining, cold and dark, (like in Denmark), he wanted to go for something different- SUSHI.
He actually paid his brother (who does not eat fish at all) to eat a piece of raw fish- and he said it was worth every krone. Here is a photo of his first bite of real sushi. (it ended up in a napkin I think). Jann is the only one who eats the raw fish, Mei Li loves Unagi and can eat it with chopsticks like a pro.

Just as we were sitting down for dinner, we heard a knock at the door!!!
Who could it be on Christmas Eve???
SANTA!!!!!!!!!!!! I have never seen Mei Li climb up on daddy's head so fast.
After a little re-assurance, she told him what she wanted for Christmas.
She never took her eyes off him though. It was a very special Christmas indeed.