Monday, December 04, 2006

Another full moon goes by...

And we still have no referral. 14 months and counting from our Log In Date.
Well, the longer the wait, the more chance she'll be born in the year of the Dog.
Mei Li and I were driving home yesterday evening. It was light outside and she said- "Hey, mama, the moon's out!"
It was one of those days with a moon and sun in opposite horizons.
Later that night when we were outside, I said something like "When I see the Full Moon, I think of all the people that I know and I think of your birth parents."
Her response was, "I don't."
Hm! ok, honest answer- she's fine and that is so good.

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Grandma how do you hang this on the tree? & Treasures in the attic.

My sister Sandra and I went to mom and dad's house today to get the Christmas stuff down from the attic and to decorate the house.
Dad poured us our traditional Mud Slides (2 years in the tradition so far) and we toured the marvelous world of "treasures in the attic". We both ended up finding cool stuff to take home ;} She got a Christmas tree- they had 4 up there- I came across a bag of old slides, well, they were slides of me as a kiddo so they were quite old. There are"old fashioned" reel type movies too that we will have to keep in a safer place than the attic.
Sandra and I had to keep telling our dad to not help us- he just had his pacemaker batteries changed yesterday!! They actually used a screwdriver?

I guess you had to be there, but as I made progress to the back darker corners of the attic, I saw so many garbage bags that I said to my sister- "This is where they hide the bodies!" then I went to move a bag- it felt wierd, kind of soft and furry and bony....!!!!

I took it to the lighted area and had Sandra check it out and she said- "Oh, yeah, it's the Ram Head" EEEEEEEEEEKKKKKKKK! I was right. I took it back to where I found it- next to the Boar's head and some other animal's head in a bag.

One Very old thing we found in the attic- other than the charcoal drawing of mom and dad where dad looks like Burt Reynolds- hehehe- was a pair of old hunting boots- my Pap Pap's. Dad said there are movies and photos of him wearing those boots. I said he should give them to my brother Joe for Christmas this year.

It was nice to get rid of lots of empty boxes and to help straighten up mom and dad's attic- we did not get to everything. Have to save some for the years to come.
We freed Willie- the pool sweeper thing that had OD'ed on leaves. We froze our arms off digging those leaves out of the skimmer.

A moment I will never forget was when Mei Li asked Grandma, "Grandma, how do you hang this on the tree?" and mom showed her how.
It was the first time she got to help decorate grandma and Pa Pa's tree.